Configuring the New Normal for Consumer Engagement

With the COVID-19 outbreak altering lives as we know it, the inevitability of change is proven in its severity. An unprecedented shift has been experienced – in daily needs, lifestyle, and consequently, the consumer behavior. As the curtains raise to a certain new normal, brands and marketers have an exciting opportunity to offer exhilarating and refreshing experiences to customers, albeit in a safe and drastically new manner. Find out how.

The Digital Waves in Sports

No matter the industry, the role of digital technology has been increasing rapidly. Having been deeply involved with the development of grassroot-level sports in India formore than a decade, we have witnessed a diabolic transition in most aspects concerning it. With this document, we aim to take a magnified look at the impact of digital revolution on amateur sports in India. The report stresses upon the following: Areas where incorporating digital technology into an event for AMATEUR SPORTSPERSONS is critical; areas where digitalization has revolutionized the way BRANDS are now engaging with their core target group via sports and how digital technology is helping SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS in keeping up with the game. Hope you find this engaging and enriching!


In the changing consumer world where the consumers are getting smarter and able to read through the marketing jargon, marketers are in the continuous look out for innovative ways to build an authentic brand image and a personal connect with the target audience.

Experiential Sports Marketing provides one such phenomenal opportunity. The growing momentum towards health and fitness and the rising disposable income has opened up opportunities for brands to reach its prized consumer directly through a medium of his deep interest. The report explores experiential sports marketing as an opportunity for brands to break the clutter by involving the customer actively rather than him being a passive recipient of overindulgent marketing campaigns. Through personal interviews with industry experts, a thorough consumer market survey in India’s top 10 cities, rigorous literature review, the report presents successful best practices from around the globe and chalks out a 7-Step Process for brands to create and successfully execute a winning sports experiential program.


Ask marketers what they’re looking for, and the answer is likely to be: a way to engage consumers efficiently and organically. Brands have started to take notice of the marketing opportunity that amateur sport in India (today, an annual market of `24 Billion) offers. The visceral connect and passion engendered by sport is unparalleled by any other medium a brand could leverage.

2017 has seen a great deal of investment in sport of all kinds, with a few trends beginning to emerge – trends that may stick and influence the development of this nascent industry.

Experiential sports marketing is rapidly gaining acceptance from brands around the world, so if you’re interested in tapping this new avenue for marketing in a new India – or if you’re already doing so – this document is a must-read. Given that our team has been working in experiential sports marketing for more than a decade now, we at Sportz Village Xp (formerly known as SportzConsult) felt that it would be interesting to share with you the trends, ideas and concepts that have made an impression on us. While we’ve named this handbook the Top Experiential Sports Marketing Trends 2017, it’s not restricted to a single year or even a single market. It’s our pleasure to bring to you trends that we believe will help you better plan your marketing spend, going forward.

If you have queries, doubts, concerns, or want to hear from us on how you could implement ESM techniques for your own brand, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you.

Sportz Village Xp (formerly known as SportzConsult) VIEWPOINT - BUILDING SPORTY INDIA

Time and again, the question pops up why India is not a sporting nation. But have you ever wondered what does being a sporty nation mean? Does Abhinav Bindra’s Gold medal at the Beijing Olympics make India a “Shooting Nation”? Does the launch of Indian Super League make India a “Footballing Nation”? For us, the answer is really simple. A sport is successful if there are lots of participants in the sport as well a lot of fans of the sport at all levels.