Jitendra Joshi, or Jitu (as he is often referred to) is a true aficionado of sports. It’s very difficult to coin a single word that encapsulates this intellectually resplendent entrepreneur. A life perfectly balanced between consulting, sports, music, family and friends. The rhetorician has off late started tweeting about music and sports with unbelievable exuberance.

Jitu holds an Engineering degree from Mumbai University, MBA from Clemson University, United States. He has a rich quiver of over 20 years of work experience spanning from technology to sales and marketing, including a 5year stint with KPMG Consulting at US of A.

Over last 8 years, he has interacted and consulted with over 100 companies helping them leverage sports to meet their business objectives. A good cross-country runner as a teenager, he loves football, swimming, athletics, cricket and classical music. Jitu is a natural leader who leads from the front, a great facilitator and one of the best when it comes to communication and negotiation skills. Fastidious at times… but that’s what drives everyone to give their best shot.

If leadership is about the ability to transform a vision into reality… Jitu scores a perfect 10!