One of the senior most professional at SportzConsult, whom most of the employees across departments look up to as a mentor. His pep talks are short and stirring.

Member of the core team since it’s inception, he is bestowed with a thought process which is profound and practical. Highly proactive, sets high standards for himself & his team and strives for perfection.

An ardent fan of Brazilian style of football, and a fanatic footballer himself, Balwant is deeply influenced by yesteryear superstar Zico. He believes in the power of team spirit and has done a brilliant job in terms of client servicing and backend support for all major government projects, corporate events, leagues and rural events all through the sports calendar.

Balwant has been instrumental in SportzConsult introducing its own IPs -CIG, Brain Games, City Games, and making foray into rural sports. Working towards the ‘big picture’ keeps this old war-horse going, and he is actually going great guns!