Hot Wheels, the popular brand of die-cast cars and track playsets by Mattel Toys, showcased how children can be taught Physics and Mathematics through alternative learning techniques, especially with the practical use of Hot Wheels cars, track sets and more! As part of the effort to aid learning for children across multiple platforms, Hot Wheels successfully executed Hot Wheels LABS, a learning initiative with select schools across the country.

Under the aegis of Hot Wheels Labs, a new syllabus that redefines learning through play called Speedometry was rolled out in 15+ schools across Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Students from class 1 to 6 witnessed fun-learning through exhilarating phases including workshops, exhibitions and track play challenges designed to help children better grasp concepts of gravity, speed, trajectory, parts of a car and much more!

Mattel Toys has turned to focus its efforts on the core philosophy of ‘Play with purpose’ – where each toy developed by the global leader has an intrinsic benefit linked to it. The toy cars of Hot Wheels not only engage a child but also give practical knowledge about velocity, inclination, speed, and distance. The Engineering campaign is designed in a manner to establish the importance of play in the lives of children by boosting their creativity, imagination and letting them push their limits.