Unlocking Sports for Kids

Configuring the New Normal for Consumer Engagement

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely altered almost everything in existence. Now that countries have begun to flatten the curve of the infection spread and opened lockdowns, bringing normalcy and reopening the economy is going to be an uphill task for every sector.

COVID-19 has caused a stream of large-scale sports events to be cancelled, not just in India but worldwide. It simultaneously has got the biggest stakeholder in sports events, i.e. brands, puzzled, as it leaves the bridge to engage with end consumers unfinished or broken for a while. Marketeers are reassessing whether they can deliver responsible consumer engagement programs through sports, and if yes, then how.

Sportz Village Xp and Intin initiated a roundtable discussion with prominent CEO/CMOs to discuss the evolving consumer preferences and needs, market response and new avenues for engaging with kids through sports. This paper titled ‘Unlocking Sports for Kids - Configuring the New Normal for Consumer Engagement’ summarizes the main conclusions of the roundtable and the way forward.

Here’s what you can expect in the document:

  • The challenges in engaging with kids during COVID-19

  • How understanding the changing consumer needs helps build a solution?

  • What does the New Normal look like –During and Post Covid?

  • Deep dive into ‘Phygital’: Unique and ‘Beyond Digital’ solutions to engage withkids at home in a Safe, Active and Scalable manner.

Let’s talk about your brand’s consumer engagement strategy through Experiential Sports Marketing in the New Normal